Wheel Bearing – Civic ’92-95

by NinjaX on June 21, 2010

Wheel bearing inspection, removal and installation applies to all Honda Civic models between 1992-1995.


  1. Honda Civic wheel bearings require no adjustment. Bearings should be checked for excessive movement. Support vehicle, and remove wheel.
  2. Install dial indicator with stem positioned on front hub surface. Move hub assembly in and out. Note reading. Movement should be 0-.002″ (0-.05 mm). If movement is not as specified, replace bearing.


  1. Remove steering knuckle. Remove splash guard. Using Front Hub Remover/Installer (07JAF-SH20110), press hub from steering knuckle. Remove bearing retaining snap ring and knuckle ring from knuckle. Press bearing out of knuckle.
  2. Using bearing puller, remove outboard bearing from hub. Clean knuckle and hub thoroughly before reassembly.


Press NEW bearing into knuckle on Civic. DO NOT exceed 4000 lbs. (1814 kg) pressure. Install snap ring in knuckle groove. Install splash guard, and invert knuckle. Using press, install knuckle/bearing assembly onto hub. DO NOT exceed 4000 lbs. (1814 kg) pressure. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.

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