Upper & Lower Control Arm Removal – Civic ’92-95

by NinjaX on June 21, 2010

Both the 1992-1995 USDM and JDM Honda Civic EG and Del Sol use independent, double wish-bone, strut type suspension. The coil-over strut assembly is attached to the steering knuckle through the lower control arm. The steering knuckle is attached to upper and lower control arms by ball joints. A stabilizer bar and strut rod are attached to lower control arm.


  1. Raise and support front of your Honda Civic. Remove wheel assembly. Remove strut fork and strut rod (radius arm) bolts. Remove nut, bolt and bushings from stabilizer bar.
  2. Remove cotter pin from lower control arm ball joint, and remove castle nut. Using puller, separate lower control arm from ball joint. Pull arm down until clear of lower ball joint stud. Remove lower control arm pivot bolt, and remove control arm.
  3. Remove steering knuckle. Remove dust boot snap ring, dust boot and external ball joint snap ring.
  4. Install Ball Joint Remover/Installer (07965-SB00100) Place installer over ball joint stud with large diameter opening facing away from ball joint. Install stud nut.
  5. Position Ball Joint Remover Base (07JAF-SH20200) with open end over ball joint flat surface. Place assembly in vise. Tighten vise and press ball joint from steering knuckle.


  1. Position ball joint in steering knuckle. Install ball joint remover/installer on stud end of ball joint with large diameter opening facing ball joint. Position Ball Joint Installer Base (07965-SB00200) over end of ball joint. Using vise, press ball joint into knuckle.
  2. Install ball joint snap ring and dust boot. Using Dust Boot Snap Ring Guide (07974-SA50700), install dust boot snap ring.
  3. Reverse removal procedure to install control arm. Use a NEW lower control arm pivot bolt. Tighten bolt to specification.

Raise and support the front of your Honda Civic. Remove wheel assembly. Rock upper ball joint front to back. Replace upper control arm bushings if any play exists.


  1. Raise and support front of vehicle. Remove wheel assembly. Remove cotter pin and nut from upper ball joint stud.
  2. Using ball joint remover, separate upper ball joint from steering knuckle. Remove upper control arm anchor bolts-to-body retaining nuts. Remove upper control arm. Clamp each upper arm anchor bolt in a vise. Remove upper arm bushings.

Bushing Replacement

Remove control arm bushing nuts and bolts. Clamp upper control arm anchor bolt in a soft-jawed vise. Drive out bushing. Grease and install NEW control arm bushing. Ensure bushing is centered in anchor bolt. Install bushing nuts and bolts, and tighten them to specification.


To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten lug nuts and bolts to specification. Check camber, and adjust if necessary.


  • Ball Joint Nut:
    • Lower 37-44 (50-60)
    • Upper 30-35 (40-48)
  • Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt: 81 (110)
  • Lower Control Arm Pivot Bolt: 47 (64)
  • Spindle Nut: 136 (185)
  • Stabilizer Bar Mounting Bolts: 16 (22)
  • Strut Assembly Shaft Nut: 22 (30)
  • Strut Fork Pinch Bolt: 33 (45)
  • Strut Fork-To-Control Arm Nut: 48 (65)
  • Tie Rod Lock Nut: 41 (55)
  • Upper Control Arm Anchor Bolt Nut: 48 (65)
  • Upper Control Arm Bushing Bolt: (2) 22 (30)
  • Upper Strut Mounting Nut: 29 (39)
  • Wheel Lug Nut: 81 (110)


  • Ball Joint Shield Bolt: 89 (10.0)
  • Brake Line Clamp Bolt: 89 (10.0)

Got questions and comments on how to remove and install the upper and lower control arms on Honda Civic 1992-1995? Let us know below!

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Jess November 9, 2010 at 4:01 pm

I just purchased upper control arms for my 95 civic both drivers and passenger front. I recieved them and just want to make sure I’m replacing them appropriately. Right side is passenger or drivers side? I just want to make sure I’m putting them in right.



spartanix November 9, 2010 at 4:18 pm

In USA the left side is the driver’s side. In Europe it’s the opposite. Hope this helps.

Dan April 8, 2011 at 1:24 pm

When spartanix refers to Europe, he only means England.

RG April 14, 2011 at 11:30 pm

i dont get it, im trying to figure it out if its a pain in the ass to remove it, and wtf they show us how to remove the fuking ball joint.. i dont need that i need what the title says Upper & Lower Control Arm Removal , mostly the lower one… that is not showing at all in the tutorial,,, WTF

spartanix May 3, 2011 at 8:11 pm

You have to separate the ball joint from the knuckle before you can remove the lower control arm. Sometimes if your lucky you can easily separate them by hand but if its stuck (it usually is) then you’ll need to use a ball joint remover to separate it. Or if you have a pry bar then you can use that too. But be careful not to damage the ball joint. You’ll get a better idea on how to do this when your actually doing it.

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