Manual Transmission Removal – Civic ’92-95

by NinjaX on June 21, 2010

Manual transmission removal and installation applies to Honda Civic 1992-1995.

Manual Transmission Removal

  1. Disconnect negative and positive battery cables. Remove battery base and air cleaner and tube assembly. Disconnect starter and transaxle ground cables. Remove engine harness clamp. Disconnect Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) connector. Disconnect back-up light switch.
  2. Remove clutch pipe bracket and clutch slave cylinder. Drain transaxle fluid. Remove starter. Remove engine and right wheelwell splash shields. Remove header pipe. Separate lower control arms from ball joints. Remove right radius rod. Using 2 large screwdrivers, pry both axle shaft inner CV joints out of transaxle. Protect axle shaft ends.
  3. Using drift punch, drive out shift rod roll pin. Remove shift and extension rods. Remove inspection cover and engine stiffener brackets. Install hoist at cylinder head attachment points of engine, and lift engine slightly to unload engine mounts. Remove splash guard and front stopper bracket.
  4. Place a jack under tranny, and slightly raise it to take weight off transaxle mounts. Remove front transaxle mount. Remove rear transaxle mount bracket. Remove side transaxle mount. Remove transaxle housing mount bolts. Pull transaxle away from engine, and remove tranny.

Manual Transmission Installation

Before installation, install NEW circlips on inboard side of axle shafts. Use NEW self-locking nuts on front end of radius rod and header pipe bracket. Use NEW through bolt on firewall side transaxle mount. To install transaxle, reverse removal procedure. Tighten nuts and bolts to specification.


  • Battery Base Mounting Bolts: 16 (22)
  • Extension Rod Bolt 16 (22)
  • Flywheel Housing-To-Engine Bolts: 44 (60)
  • Header Pipe
    • At Manifold 41 (55)
    • At Flange 16 (22)
  • Intake Manifold Bracket Bolts: 16 (22)
  • ntermediate Shaft Support Bolt: 29 (39)
  • Rear Mount-To-Transmission Bolt: 41 (55)
  • Slave Cylinder-To-Housing: 16 (22)
  • Starter Bolts: 33 (45)
  • Stiffener Bolt: 33 (45)
  • VSS Mounting Bolts: 14 (19)
  • Wheel Lug Nuts: 80 (109)

Got questions or comments on how to remove the manual transmission on Honda Civic 1992-1995.

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moulder3258 October 2, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Is there any special trick to separating the transaxle from the engine after removing all attachments and mounting bolts from the transmission section?

MY tranny does not want to separate from the motor even with some manual force applied. The Hane’s manual only says to take the weight off the motor and remove a floor jack from under the TMSN and that should be enough to separate the two sections.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for the suggestions,

spartanix December 18, 2011 at 3:08 pm

It’s pretty common for the tranny not wanting to budge after all bolts have been removed. The easiest method thats worked for me is to use a crow bar and pry it open. Be careful though since you can damage the tranny case. Pry it gently from differen’t spots on the case so that even pressure is applied. Good luck.

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