Integra Timing Belt Replacement – ’94-01

by NinjaX on June 17, 2010

Acura Integra timing belt replacement applies 1994-2001 models with the following engines: B18c, B18b

1. Ensure No. 1 piston is at TDC of compression stroke. Mark timing belt with an arrow indicating direction of rotation. Raise and support vehicle. Remove left front wheel and wheelwell splash shield. Remove power steering pump belt, A/C belt and generator belt. Remove cruise control actuator. Remove side engine mount.
2. Remove valve cover. Remove crankshaft pulley bolt and pulley. Remove middle and lower timing belt covers. Loosen timing belt adjuster bolt 180 degrees. Push on timing belt tensioner to release tension from belt, then retighten adjuster bolt. Remove timing belt.

1. Ensure No. 1 piston is at TDC of compression stroke. Install timing belt onto sprockets. DO NOT bend or twist belt excessively. Ensure arrow on belt points in direction of rotation. Adjust timing belt tension.
2. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Lubricate threads only of crankshaft pulley bolt, leaving underside of bolt head dry. Tighten crankshaft pulley bolt to 147 ft. lbs. (200 N.m), loosen, then retighten to 133 ft. lbs. (180 N.m). Tighten remaining bolts/nuts to specification.

Timing Belt Tension

WARNING: Adjust timing belt with engine cold. DO NOT rotate crankshaft with timing belt tensioner adjuster bolt loose.

Remove valve cover. Rotate crankshaft 5-6 revolutions counterclockwise to create tension on timing belt. Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise until No. 1 piston is at TDC. Loosen tension adjuster bolt one half turn (180 degrees). See figure. Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise enough to create tension on timing belt. Tighten tension adjuster bolt to specification. Install valve cover with NEW gaskets.

Got questions and comments on how to remove and install the timing belt on Acura Integra 1994-2001? Let us know below!

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Pablo Guevara July 28, 2010 at 2:33 pm

A need timin belt cover complit 3 pc.

spartanix July 28, 2010 at 10:59 pm

Sorry we don’t sell auto parts. Have you checked the local dealership to see if you can order that part? I’m pretty sure you can there.

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