Integra ’94-01 Shock Removal

by NinjaX on June 18, 2010

How to remove and install shocks applies to all Acura Integra models between 1994-2001.

Shock Removal
Raise and support front of Integra. Remove wheel assembly and brake hose clamp from strut. Remove strut-to-fork pinch bolt and strut fork bolt. Remove strut fork assembly. Remove cap and nuts from top of strut. Remove strut assembly.

integra shock assembly

FYI: Struts and strut forks are not interchangeable from side to side.

Shock Disassembly
Using a spring compressor, compress spring slightly to remove spring tension. Hold strut rod with Allen wrench and remove spring seat nut. Slowly release spring compressor. Remove spring. Disassemble strut, noting relative position of parts.

integra shock assmebly exploded
Shock Reassembly
Inspect parts for cracks, deterioration, or damage. Check shock absorber for leaks and improper operation. Replace strut if resistance is weak, uneven, or jerky when strut is compressed. Replace worn or damaged parts. Position mounting base with one stud aligned within the following range of the tab on strut housing. To complete reassembly, reverse disassembly procedure.

Acura Integra Strut Housing Alignment: 58.5-64.5 degrees

Shock Installation
1. Loosely install the strut onto the frame with aligning tab facing inside, and loosely install the nuts to the studs in the strut tower holes. Install strut fork onto lower control arm. Position strut assembly so tab on strut housing aligns with slot in fork. Loosely install the bolts and nuts. Place jack under knuckle, and raise it until vehicle just lifts from safety stand.

Strut mount base nuts must be tightened with strut under vehicle load.

2. In the following order, tighten the upper fork bolt, the lower bolt self-locking nut, and the upper strut-tobody nuts. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Tighten nuts and bolts to specification.

Torque Specifications – Ft. Lbs. (N.m)

  • Brake Caliper Bolt: 80 (108)
  • Lower Ball Joint Castle Nut: 36-43 (49-58)
  • Lower Control Arm Anchor Bolt: 47 (64)
  • Radius Arm Bracket Anchor Bolts: 66 (89)
  • Radius Arm Nut: 61 (83)
  • Spindle Nut: 134 (181)
  • Stabilizer Bar Bushing Bracket: 16 (22)
  • Stabilizer Link-To-Control Arm Nut: 16 (22)
  • Stabilizer Link Ball Joint-To-Stabilizer Bar Nut: 22 (30)
  • Strut Fork Pinch Bolt: 32 (43)
  • Strut Fork-To-Control Arm Nut: 47 (64)
  • Strut Mounting Base Nut: 36 (49)
  • Strut Mounting Nut: 22 (30)
  • Tie Rod End-To-Knuckle Castle Nut:
    • 1997: 29-35 (39-47)
    • 1998: 32 (43)
  • Upper Ball Joint Castle Nut: 29-35 (39-47)
  • Upper Control Arm Nut: 47 (64)
  • Wheel Lug Nut: 80 (108)
  • Speed Sensor/Harness Mounting Bolts: 84 inch pounds
  • Splash Guard Bolt: 44 (5) inch pounds

Got questions and comments on how to remove and install shocks on Acura Integra 1994-2001? Let us know below!

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Drew April 15, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Just replaced my coil springs on my 94 integra. I bought it when it had a 2 inch lowering spring kit and wanted to bring it back to stock. struts are stock and i bought new stock coils. I put everything together and the suspension sinks an inch more than the 2 inch spring kit…Any suggestions?

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