Honda S2000 F20C Rocker Arms

by NinjaX on July 1, 2010


Special Tools Required

  • Gauge joint adapter 07LAK-PR3A101
  • VTEC air adapter (2) 07ZAJ-PNAA100
  • Air joint adapter 07ZAJ-PNAA3000
  • Air pressure regulator 07AAJ-PNAA100

1. Remove the cylinder head valve cover.
2. Set the No. 1 piston at top dead center (TDC) (see step 2 on Valve Clearance Adjustment).
3. Move the secondary rocker arm for No. 1 cylinder. The secondary rocker arm should move independently of the mid rocker arm.

  • If the secondary rocker arm does not move, remove the mid, primary, and secondary rocker arms as an assembly, and check that the pistons in the mid and primary rocker arms move smoothly.
  • If any rocker arm needs replacing, replace the mid, primary, and secondary rocker arms as an assembly.

4. Check that the air pressure on the shop air compressor gauge indicator is over 400 kPa (4 kgf/cm2 , 57 psi). Make sure no water in the air hose and air compressor tank.
5. Inspect the valve clearance (see Valve Clearance Adjustment).
6. Remove the No. 3 and No. 4 camshaft holder bolts, and install the VTEC air adapters finger-tight.

7. Install the gauge joint adapter to the inspection hole.
8. Connect the air joint adapter to the VTEC air adapters.
9. Connect the air pressure regulator to the air joint adapter.
10. With the specified air pressure applied and the piston at TDC, move the secondary rocker arm. The mid rocker arm, primary rocker arm, and secondary rocker arm should move together. If the three rocker arms do not move together, replace the rocker arms as a set.

11. Remove the special tools.
12. Tighten the camshaft holder bolts to 22 N.m (2.2 kgf.m, 16 lbf.ft).
13. Install the cylinder head cover.


1. Remove the dipstick, positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) hose and breather hose (see step 18 on Cylinder Head Removal ).
2. Remove the ignition coil cover, then remove the ignition coils (see step 19 on Cylinder Head Removal ).
3. Remove the cylinder head cover (see step 22 on Cylinder Head Removal ).
4. Loosen the rocker arm adjusting screws (see step 28 on Cylinder Head Removal ).
5. Remove the camshaft holders and camshafts.
6. Insert the bolts into the rocker shaft holder, then remove the rocker arm assembly (see step 30 on Cylinder Head Removal ).
7. Measure the diameter of the shaft at the first rocker location.

8. Zero the gauge to the shaft diameter.

9. Measure the inside diameter of the rocker arm, and check it for an out-of-round condition.

  • Rocker Arm-to-Shaft Clearance:
    • Standard (New): 0.021-0.041 mm (0.0008-0.0016 in.)
    • Service Limit: 0.07 mm (0.003 in.)

10. Repeat for all rocker arms and both shafts. If the clearance is over the limit, replace the rocker shaft and all overtolerance rocker arms. If any rocker arm needs replacement, replace all three rocker arms in that set (primary, mid, and secondary).
11. Inspect the rocker arm pistons. Push each piston manually. If it does not move smoothly, replace the rocker arm assembly.

  • When reassembling the primary rocker arm, carefully apply air pressure to its oil passage
  • Apply new engine oil to the pistons when reassembling

Got questions and comments on rocker arm inspection and testing for Honda S2000? Let us know below!

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