Honda S2000 Clutch Slave Cylinder Removal

by NinjaX on July 1, 2010

1. Remove the banjo bolt and washers, then disconnect the clutch hose from the slave cylinder. Plug the end of the clutch hose with a shop towel to prevent brake fluid from coming out.

Honda S2000 1999-2003 Model

Honda S2000 2004 Model

2. Remove the two bolts and slave cylinder.
3. Pull back the boot, and apply brake assembly lube or equivalent rubber grease to the boot and slave cylinder rod. Reinstall the boot. See figure.
4. Apply super high temp urea grease (PN 08798-9002) to the tip of the slave cylinder rod.
5. Install the slave cylinder in the reverse order of removal. Use new banjo bolt washers. Make sure the boot is installed on the slave cylinder.
6. Bleed the clutch hydraulic system.

  • Attach a hose to the bleeder screw, and suspend the hose in a container of brake fluid.
  • Make sure there is an adequate supply of fluid at the clutch master cylinder, then slowly pump the clutch pedal until no more bubbles appear at the bleeder hose.
  • Tighten the bleeder screw to 9.8 N.m (1.0 kgf.m, 7.2 lbf.ft); do not overtighten it.
  • Refill the clutch master cylinder with fluid when done.
  • Use only Honda DOT 3 brake fluid from an unopened container.
  • Confirm clutch operation, and check for leaking fluid.

7. Make sure the fluid level in the reservoir is at the MAX (upper) level line. See figure.

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