Honda S2000 Clutch Pedal Height Adjustment

by NinjaX on July 1, 2010

Clutch pedal adjustment applies to Honda S2000 1999-2003 models.

  • Check the clutch pedal position switch.
  • Check the clutch interlock switch.
  • The clutch is self-adjusting to compensate for wear.
  • If there is no clearance between the master cylinder piston and pushrod. The release bearing will be held against the diaphragm spring, which can result in clutch slippage or other clutch problems.

1. Loosen the locknut, and back off the clutch switch until it no longer touches the clutch pedal.
2. Loosen the locknut, and turn the pushrod in or out to get the specified height and stroke at the clutch pedal.

  • Clutch Pedal Stroke: 115-125 mm (4.53-4.92 in.)
  • Clutch Pedal Height: 189 mm (7.44 in.)

3. Tighten the locknut .
4. With the clutch pedal released, turn in the clutch pedal position switch until it contacts the clutch pedal.
5. Turn in the clutch pedal position switc an additional 3/4 to 1 turn.
6. Tighten the locknut.
7. Loosen the locknut and the clutch interlock switch.
8. Press the clutch pedal to the floor.
9. Release the clutch pedal 15-20 mm (0.59-0.79 in.) from the fully pressed position, and hold it there. Adjust the position of the clutch interlock switch so the engine will start with the clutch pedal in this position.
10. Tighten the locknut.

Got questions and comments on how to adjust clutch pedal height on Honda S2000? Let us know below.

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racingslugs November 16, 2011 at 4:33 pm

I have a 1999 Accord that was brought to me with a bad clutch. I replaced the clutch and TOB and put it back together. After having a little trouble with the hydraulics, I thought it was done except the owner said he adjusted the clutch pedal a little, to try to get a few more weeks out of the old clutch. Before trying to adjust the pedal i tried to take a test drive. I backed out of my garage, put it in first, and started to drive off, but when I thought i was fully engaged and began to release the pedal the last couple inches the car slowed quickly, and probably would have stopped and stalled if i had not pushed the clutch in again. Does this sound like a peddle adjustment problem? Or maybe i did something wrong on installation? Or could it be a tranny problem, maybe the reason the other clutch went bad? I have only replaced a couple clutches before this, and have not experienced this problem. If anyone has an idea what is wrong i would appreciate the help. I guess i will take a look at the peddle adjustment to start.

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