Honda S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder Removal

by spartanix on July 1, 2010

Honda S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder Removal applies to 1999-2003 models.

Do not spill brake fluid on your Honda S2000; it may damage the paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash it off immediately with water.

  1. The brake fluid may be sucked out through the top of the master cylinder reservo with a syringe.
  2. Disconnect the clutch line from the clutch master cylinder. Plug the end of the clutch line and reservoir hose with a shop towel to prevent brake fluid from coming out.
  3. Pry out the lock pin, and pull the pedal p out of the yoke. Remove the master cylinder mounting nuts.
  4. Remove the clutch master cylinder.
  5. Install the clutch master cylinder in the reverse order of removal. Tighten the master cylinder mounting nuts to 13 N.m (1.3 kgf.m, 9.4 lbf.ft).
  6. Bleed the clutch hydraulic system
  7. Refill the brake fluid in the reservoir at the MAX (upper) level line.

Got questions and comments on how to remove and install the Honda S2000 clutch master cylinder? Let us know below.

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