F20C Engine Removal – S2000 ’99-03

by NinjaX on June 24, 2010

Honda S2000 F20C engine removal applies to 1999-2003 models.


  • Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces.
  • To avoid damage, unplug the wiring connectors carefully while holding theconnector portion.
  • Mark all wiring and hoses to avoid misconnection. Also, be sure that they do not contact other wiring or hoses, or interfere with other parts.

1. Remove the hood support rod from the driver’s side of your s2k, then use it as shown to fix the hood in a vertical position.

2. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the frequencies for the radio’s preset buttons.
3. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then disconnect the positive cable.
4. Remove the battery.
5. Remove the transmission.
6. Disconnect the engine control module (ECM or ECU) connectors from the ECM.

7. Disconnect the main wire harness connector.
8. Remove the vacuum tank.

9. Remove the throttle cable by loosening the locknut, then slipping the cable end out of the accelerator linkage. Take care not to bend the cable when removing it. Always replace any kinked cable with a new one.
10. Remove the four bolts securing the electrical power steering (EPS) control unit.
11. Remove the battery cable from the main under-hood fuse/relay box, then remove the harness clamps.

12. Remove the battery cable from the auxiliary under-hood fuse box, and remove the ground cable and harness clamps.
13. Remove the grommet, then pull out the ECM connectors.
14. Remove the radiator cap.
15. Raise your Honda S2000 (s2k) on the hoist to full height.
16. Remove the front tires/wheels.
17. Loose the drain plug in the radiator, and drain the engine coolant.
18. Drain the engine oil. Reinstall the drain bolt using a new washer.
19. Remove the F20C engine stop bracket cushion, then remove the engine stop bracket.
20. Lower your S2k on the hoist.
21. Remove the heater hoses and lower radiator hose.
22. Remove the upper radiator hose.
23. Relieve the fuel pressure.
24. Remove the fuel feed hose, fuel return hose and brake booster vacuum hose.
25. Remove the evaporative emission (EVAP) canister hose.
26. Remove the two bolts securing the engine stop bracket.
27. Attach the chain hoist to the engine as shown. Take care not to damage the VTEC solenoid valve.

28. Remove the support nut from the left side engine mount bracket.

29. Remove the support nut and four mounting bolts, then remove the right side engine mount bracket.

30. Check that the engine is completely free of vacuum hoses, fuel and coolant hoses, and electrical wiring.
31. Slowly raise the engine about 150 mm (6 in.). Check once again that all hoses and wires are disconnected from the engine.
32. Carefully raise s2k F20C engine all the way, and remove it from the vehicle.

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