F20C Engine Install – S2000 ’99-03

by NinjaX on June 24, 2010

Honda S2000 F20C engine installation applies to 1999-2003 models.

1. Install the accessory brackets, and tighten their bolts to the specified torques.
2. Install the engine into position in the vehicle.

TIP: Reinstall the mounting bolts/support nuts in the sequence given. Failure to follow this sequence may cause excessive noise and vibration, and reduce bushing life.

3. Install the right side engine mount bracket, then tighten the bolts and nut in the numbered sequence shown. See image.
4. Tighten the support nut on the left side engine mount bracket. See image.
5. Tighten the two bolts securing the engine stop bracket. See image.
6. Install the evaporative emission (EVAP) canister hose. See image.
7. Install the brake booster vacuum hose, fuel return hose and fuel feed hose, using new washers. See image.
8. Install the upper radiator hose. Now is a good time to use new OEM spec hoses or brand names like SAMCO. See image.
9. Install the heater hoses and lower radiator hose. Again, new OEM spec hoses or silicone SAMCO hoses would be perfect. See image.
10. Raise your S2000 on the hoist to full height.
11. Install the engine stop bracket, then install the engine stop bracket cushion. See image.
12. Install the front tires/wheels.
13. Lower your S2000 on the hoist.
14. Push the F20C engine control module (ECM) connectors through the bulkhead, then install the grommet. See image.
15. Install the battery cable on the auxiliary under-hood fuse box. Install the ground cable and harness clamps.
16. Connect the ECM connectors and main wire harness connector. See image.
17. Install the harness clamps, then install the battery cable on the main under-hood fuse/relay box. See image
18. Install the electrical power steering (EPS) control unit. See image.
19. Install the vacuum tank. See image.
20. Install the throttle cable, then adjust the cable.
21. Install the transmission. We recommend that now would be the perfect time to install that new ACT, Exedy, or whatever else clutch kit you can get your hands on, JDM or USDM.
22. Clean the battery posts and cable terminals with sandpaper, then assemble them and apply grease to prevent corrosion. A brand new dry cell battery would work great for performance reasons.
23. Refill the engine with engine oil until oil can be seen between the two holes on the oil dipstick.
24. Refill the radiator with engine coolant, and bleed air from the cooling system with the heater valve open. A new performance radiator from Koyo or Fluidyne would help during the warmer summer months.
25. Check that the transmission shifts into gear smoothly.
26. Inspect for fuel leaks. Turn the ignition switch ON (II) (do not operate the starter) so that the fuel pump runs for about 2 seconds and pressurizes the fuel line. Repeat this operation two or three times, then check for fuel leakage at any point in the fuel line.
27. Perform the engine control module (ECM or ECU) idle learn procedure.
28. Inspect the idle speed.
29. Inspect the ignition timing.
30. Enter the anti-theft code for the radio, then enter the customer’s radio station presets.

Got questions and comments on how to install the Honda S2000 1999-2003 engine? Let us know below!

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George June 1, 2015 at 2:40 pm

Where is the radio theft code? Also, where exactly is the VTEC module and where are the engine lifting spots? Do you have to drop the trans to pull the engine?

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