Air Conditioning (AC) System – Civic ’92-95

by NinjaX on June 19, 2010

This air conditioning article applies to all Honda Civic 1992-1995 models.


DO NOT exceed AC system refrigerant oil capacity when servicing system.

Refrigerant Oil
Only NEW, moisture-free refrigerant oil should be used in the air conditioning system. This oil is highly refined and dehydrated so moisture content is less than 10 parts per million. The oil container must be tightly closed at all times when not in use, or moisture from the air will be absorbed into the refrigerant oil.


Discharging System
Discharge AC system using approved refrigerant recovery/ recycling equipment. Always follow recovery/recycling equipment manufacturer’s instructions. After refrigerant recovery process is completed, the amount of compressor oil removed must be measured and the same amount added to AC system.

Disconnecting Lines and Fittings
After system is discharged, carefully clean area around all fittings to be opened. Always use 2 wrenches when tightening or loosening fittings. Some refrigerant lines are connected with a coupling. Special tools may be required to disconnect lines. Cap or plug all openings as soon as lines are removed. DO NOT remove caps until connections of lines and fittings are completed.

Connecting Lines and Fittings
All R-134a based systems use 1/2″-16 ACME threaded fittings. Ensure all replacement parts match the connections of the system being worked on.

Always use a new gasket or “O” ring when connecting lines or fittings. Coat “O” ring with refrigerant oil and ensure it is not twisted during installation. Always use 2 wrenches to prevent damage to lines and fittings.

Placing System in Operation
After component service or replacement has been completed and all connections have been made, evacuate system thoroughly with a vacuum pump. Charge system with proper amount of refrigerant and perform leak test. Check all fittings that have been opened. After system has been leak tested, check system performance.

Most compressors are pre-charged with a fixed amount of refrigerant (shipping) oil. Drain compressor oil from new compressor and add refrigerant oil to new compressor according to amount removed from old compressor. Always refer to underhood AC specification label or AC compressor label while servicing AC system.


  1. Discharge system. Remove compressor from vehicle. Drain oil from removed compressor and measure amount drained.
  2. Subtract the volume of oil drained from removed compressor from 4.0 ounces (4.3 ounces on Prelude), and drain the calculated volume from the NEW compressor. Even if no oil is drained from removed compressor, DO NOT drain more than 1.6 ounces from new compressor.
  3. On Civic and Civic Del Sol, add 1.5 ounces of refrigerant oil when replacing evaporator. Add 0.6 ounce when replacing condenser. When replacing receiver-drier or hoses, add 0.3 ounce per component replaced. Add 0.8 ounce of refrigerant oil if an oil leak occurred.
  4. On Prelude, add one ounce of refrigerant oil when replacing evaporator. When replacing other AC components, add 0.3 ounce per component replaced (including hoses).


  • Civic Compressor Type: Sanden Scroll
  • Compressor Belt Deflection (With 22 lbs. (10 kg) pressure applied to center of belt.)
    • Used: 1/4-13/32″ (6.5-10.5 mm)
    • New: 13/64-9/32″ (5.0-7.0 mm)
  • Compressor Oil Capacity
    • Civic: (2) 4.0-4.7 ozs.
    • Civic Del Sol: (2) 4.0 ozs. (Use SP-10 oil (Part No. 38899-P13-A01)
  • Refrigerant for 1992-1993 Civic (R-12) Capacity: 17.0-21.0 ozs.
  • Refrigerant 1994-1995 Civic (R-134a) Capacity: 17.0-21.0 ozs.

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